Go see some MAGIC in NYC!

We recently caught another edition of Monday Night Magic.  This is a weekly event at The Players Theatre in Greenwich Village.  Discovered a terrific classic magic performer Torkova, who was wonderful.  There were imports Keith Fields & Lady Sarah from the UK who were lackluster (Mr. Blackstone wants his cage back).  The featured performer was Eran Raven, a mentalist who apparently won fame on a TV talent show.  He was very good and well polished.  And the magic never stops, there are even close up magicians performing through the intermission!

But the reason I wanted to post this today was to recommend that you check it out next Monday, May 21.  The featured performer that night is Harrison Greenbaum, one of the most talented and funniest people I have seen on a New York Stage.  Tickets are inexpensive (discounts abound) and you will have a wonderful time.  I have tickets to a different performance that evening and so must miss this one, but I’ll be back next time Mr. Greenbaum is on the bill.  Suitable for teenagers on up, you really should not miss this one!  Have fun.

OOB Monday Night Magic

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TOMORROW: A very weird National Day

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