Review – Carousel

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s CAROUSEL is one of the American Musical Theatre’s seminal works and one of my favorite musicals.  The current production at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway is a great (if dance heavy) work.  They seem to have added extended dance breaks and while talented, the dance sections weigh down the show.  In addition the extended intrusion of the Starkeeper character was a bit heavy handed, but the rest was great.

Of course most people come for the Soliloquy (beautifully carried off by Joshua Henry) and You’ll Never Walk Alone (beautifully carried off by Renee Fleming).  But I am more enchanted by Mister Snow, When the Children Are Asleep and If I Loved You.  This show is so full of beautiful work, you should definitely see it.  I saw the 1994 revival and it was glorious but lightly flawed.  So is this work.  Perhaps a beautiful work will always be found with flaws in real life.  This is well worth seeing and you should go.  Now.

BWAY Carousel 2018

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