World Theatre Day

Today is World Theatre Day, an opportunity to celebrate every facet of this very human storytelling medium.  Theatre has defined my life since I caught the bug in high school and so I am featuring a photo of my high school auditorium below.  Or at least it feels that long ago.  With the inspiration of Karen K. Kramer, Ellyn Horn, Joyce Hall, Allen Hill, and Michael Hall, I moved into a career mixed between theatre and fine art.  I’ve had a fine time.  Nowadays my spare time is spent writing plays or attending theatre as is evident from all the reviews you will find on my site.  Buy a ticket today to a theatre near you.  Alone with the players and in a crowd with your fellow audience members you will be transported if you will only suspend your disbelief.

dreamstime_xxl_80846734 Ancient Theatre Epidaurus Greece

As always you can find more on and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: A really, really sweet National Day

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