National Nutella Day

Today is National Nutella Day.  This delicious spread was invented in Italy after World War II when cocoa was rationed but hazelnuts were plentiful.  By extending the chocolate flavor with the nut butter an irresistible treat was created.

I enjoy it but do not crave it, unlike SOMEBODY who shall go unnamed.  When I introduced it to her she was taken with it and could not resist it.  She would eat from the back of the jar, leaving the front portion, thinner and thinner, untouched so it looked like it was hardly consumed at all.  She finally came clean as there was hardly any left and yet the jar appeared full.  Since that day we do not allow it in the house as it is terribly addicting.  But not saying who that might be.  Enjoy National Nutella Day!


As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: tickets are on sale!

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