My Super Bowl plans

Hosting a Super Bowl?  Going to a party or bar to enjoy?  Hunkering down in your man cave?  I’m going to Broadway.

I don’t really care which team wins this year’s Super Bowl nor do I enjoy watching grown men giving each other brain injuries as much as I used to.  I was fortunate to run across discount tickets to Beautiful: The Carole King Story at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre on Broadway.  Remember I always urge you to enter lotteries or find the discounts and see as many shows as you can.  So I will have a nice dinner in midtown and see a terrific Broadway show.  Hope you have a nice evening as well.

By the time I get home I’ll have the show recorded on TiVO.  As I will already know who wins (who cares?) I can replay the game, skipping the game and watching the commercials.  Perfect!

Beautiful Broadway

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TOMORROW: a very sweet National Day

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