Review – John Lithgow: Stories by Heart

John Lithgow is a talented actor now performing a precious one man show at Roundabout’s American Airline Theatre on Broadway.  I have heard a number of complaints that not only is the show boring but has no place on Broadway.

It is true that it is a quiet, intimate show with no helicopters or chorus girls.  But it is an intelligent, literate work of art that puts you one-on-one with one of theater’s great talented.  I have seen John on stage before (notably in The Sweet Smell of Success).  Let me be clear, it is not boring.  Yes, you must listen closely and the mood is quiet and contemplative.  He tells stories of his parents and performs two stories from a book of great short stories that he is well familiar with.  I knew neither from my past reading (by Ring Lardner and P. G. Wodehouse).  They were both expertly and touchingly performed and I am the better for hearing them.

My advice?  Do not miss this show if you are a lover of smart theater, even if you at other ties enjoy spectacle.  I’m not saying you must pay full price, there are discounts galore and I won the lottery at Today Tix to get great seats.  Be there, it will close soon enough.

John Lithgow - Stories by Heart

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