Shout out to the FINDING NYC Blog

I am still learning about this whole blogging thing.  One thing I have enjoyed is reading blogs written by others.  Today I start an occasional and irregular series highlighting some of those blogs I follow that you might sample.  The first is FINDING NYC, part of the WordPress family and I think you can find here:

This blogger visits New York sites and events and blogs with insights and lots of nice photos.  You should check out her site if you are at all interested in New York City.

Her blog came to mind as I took my commute starting a new gig for the last month or so (I am consulting for Sotheby’s in the Upper East Side and so have to get there each morning from Hudson Heights, not a direct trek by any means.)

I have tried several options and the best route so far seems to be the A Train from 190th Street to 59th Street and then the M31 bus across 57th Street and up York Avenue.  After a few trips I realized if I sit at the back of the bus on the center facing benches on the driver’s side I see a New York highlight down nearly every Avenue we cross.  You can experience the same thing on the M57 bus route.  I get on between 8th Avenue and Broadway and see:
*  On Broadway I am still getting settled but can see the Ed Sullivan Theater where Stephen Colbert keeps us sane in these dark days.
*  As we pass 7th Avenue Carnegie Hall is right in front of us and Times Square shines brightly and clearly down the way.
*  As we pass 6th Avenue the marquee of Radio City Music Hall is visible.
*  Down 5th Avenue you can catch the spire of the Empire State Building.
*  A couple blocks down on Madison Avenue is Phillip Johnson’s “Chippendale” building whose top resembles a giant piece of furniture (no, not the dancers).  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Johnson when he designed a concept for a project in Florida.
*  Park Avenue is not quite as scenic but I know that the MetLife Building is hiding the glorious Grand Central Terminal.
*  Lexington Avenue you can quite clearly see the glorious Chrysler Building.  Beautiful.
*  3rd Avenue reveals a glimpse of the Lipstick Building, that oval masterpiece by Phillip Johnson and was made infamous as the office of Bernie Madoff.  Yeah, I’m a fan of Mr. Johnson’s architecture as I have also managed one of his buildings – the New York State Theater (now the David H. Koch Theater) at Lincoln Center.
*  On 2nd Avenue I see a Prisoner there (Does anyone else get the reference?).
*  By 1st Avenue I have dozed off from the drone of the bus and hope I wake up at the 72nd stop to go to work as we turn up York Avenue.  Haven’t missed it yet.

It just goes to show that even boring commutes in this city reveal glorious experiences every day.  My favorite city.

m31 bus

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: previews of the 2018 Spring Broadway Season to come


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