Thanksgiving with family and a visit to Naples, Florida

Last week I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, visiting my mom in Central Florida for a sumptuous meal.  We had turkey, ham, risotto, deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole, delicious roast vegetables, cheese rolls, lovely dressing and so much more.  My mom will live off the left overs and share them with her neighbors for some time to come.  Also there and bringing dishes was my sister, her daughter, Pamela and neighbors.  It rained all day but was a lovely event.

While in Florida we took a quick trip south to visit with friends Nellie and Rebecca in Naples, Florida.  I met Rebecca when we were part of the team that opened the Philharmonic Center for the Arts.  She and I each moved on to other organizations elsewhere and she has since returned quite happily to this warm place.  A few other original members of the team (Woody and Alex) were also on hand and it was so wonderful to see everyone and revisit this amazing facility.   It is now called Artis-Naples but is just as beautiful and vibrant as I remembered.

I also loved to visit Skyline Chili (Cincinnati residents know what this means) in Naples to find not only familiar flavors but realize that the same family owns and operates it more than two decades later.  I have to get back to Florida more often but always hate to leave Manhattan.

artis naples

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TOMORROW: an industry reading

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