Alternate Side Parking

The city of New York recently released the ASP calendar for 2018.  In this town street parking is highly regulated and quirkily assigned.  From the calendar: “All of NYC was designated a Tow Away Zone under the State’s Vehicle & Traffic law in 1959. This means that any vehicle parked or operated illegally, or with missing or expired registration or inspection stickers may be towed.”  And the enforcing officers swoop down during the cleaning times.

On an average street, vehicles must be cleared to allow a street cleaning machine to make a pass or two twice a week (usually for 90 minutes on either Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday).  On each of these days you will see people sitting in their cars, reading often, waiting for the street cleaner so they can move out of the way and then quickly reclaim their spot once it has passed.  It may seem insane until you realize how much it costs to park your car in a garage here.

I am very lucky in that my neighborhood petitioned the Department of Sanitation to reduce the days for street cleaning as we had such lovely clean streets.  They got their way and now the street outside my co-op has one side with Monday and the other side with Tuesday only.  Variations in patterns exist through our neighborhood.  Pamela and I have one car and one scooter (which is easy to tuck between cars to avoid the cleaning schedule.)

In looking over the 2018 calendar it looks most helpful next fall.  (More Monday/Tuesday suspended days.  Yep, gotta plan ahead!)

The ASP calendar is so important because it lists the days where street cleaning is suspended due to holidays.  This is a key resource for people parked on the streets.  Travel plans are actually made with this in mind because why move the car at all if it is a holiday?  I mean, really.  That trip can wait until next week.  The preponderance of Monday holidays and our neighborhood’s special arrangement can make it especially sweet.  I love this city.  You can find the calendar for 2018 (put it on the fridge with a magnet for easy reference) with the link below…

Click to access asp-calendar-2018.pdf

2017-11-11 11.21

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TOMORROW: My Thanksgiving trip and a visit to Naples, Florida

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