The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

This is not a review.  Recently I saw an “industry reading” of a work in progress.  It is a musical based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald novella.  I had seen early drafts in reading group as the writing team developed the work and it was thrilling to see it being presented in one piece to New York Theater movers and shakers.  I hardly represent a shiver but it was cool to be in the room.  As it is still in development it is not fair to review it (but I like where it is headed).  I am sure the writers learned something from the reading and I hope they will continue to work on it.  I can tell you that the performers were talented.  There are limits to how much work they put into such an event.  Watch for these talented folk: Marc de la Cruz, Diane Phelan, Reji Woods, Matthew Schatz and Shiniya Daniels.  They’re going places as is the musical director/pianist Cody Dry.

Other The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

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