Review – Red Roses, Green Gold

What a fabulous show.

The show at the Minetta Lane Theater has a trite, hackneyed and contrived plot that provides the perfect excuse to play Grateful Dead music live and boy, is it worth it.  Grateful Dead music should be experienced live.  The songs are primarily from two of their greatest albums, American Dream and Workingman’s Dead.  The set is great, the costumes wonderful and the show incredibly energetic.

While watching the show I tried to pick out individual performers to highlight (all of whom play multiple instruments through the night) but simply could not.  So here are all of them.  Brian Russell Carey, Armando Gutierrez, Maggie Hollinbeck, David Park, Michael McCoy Reilly, Natalie Storrs, Debbie Christine Tjong, Michael Viruet, Scott Wakefield, Erikka Walsh, Spiff Wiegand.  They are all wonderful.

I’ve spent the last two months writing a play with a Deadhead at the heart of it.  While writing I streamed my substantial collection of Grateful Dead songs through my earbuds.  I was set and ready for this show and have been smiling ever since.  So will you.  See it.  You’ll be happy you did.

OB Red Roses, Green Gold

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TOMORROW: My review of Jesus Hopped the “A” Train

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