My review of CATS on Broadway

First you must know, full disclosure, that I am of several minds on Andrew Lloyd Weber.

I love Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita.

I enjoy Sunset Boulevard and School of Rock.

I do not like Cats and Phantom of the Opera.

Amazingly I am not a fan of two of his most popular shows.  So, I am biased, I admit it.  But Pamela loves the music and wanted to see the the current CATS on Broadway.  So I entered the Broadway Direct Lottery and won tickets for last Saturday’s matinee.  After seeing the show she was amazed how little she liked the actual show.

I’ll admit it is a popular and widely loved show and I understand the appeal of the music.  It is simply not to my tastes, sorry.  That said, I saw the original production back in 1995.  This production has improved lighting and sound effects because of improved technology.  I was happy to view the show again.  If you like CATS do see this production.  The actors are engaged and enthusiastic and talented.  For those who like this show (and perhaps the music) you will like this production.

BWAY Cats 2017

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TOMORROW: My review of WAR PAINT on Broadway

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