In praise of New York Theater Lottery and Discount Services

For those of us who live in New York we have a huge selection of live theater available.  But much of it comes at high cost and with limited availability.  Which is why I love the discount services and lotteries available.  Here are several options to consider:

Subscribe to Signature Theater.  Their tickets start at $30 if subscribed and go up as availability becomes limited.  Great deal and amazing productions.  Most NY subscriptions are more expensive and unless a sold out production can be found much cheaper with discount services.  The reverse is true with Signature.

My two favorite discount services are and TDF.  With play-by-play you can get shows really cheap as they are trying to fill empty seats.  I’ll be seeing a Broadway show this week for only $5.50.  That is not a typo.  Many are off-broadway, cabaret and smaller productions but often worth seeing.  TDF are the people who manage the TKTS booth in Times Square but even better deals are available for those who qualify, usually $40 or $50 per ticket for Broadway shows available.  TDF focuses on theater as you may imagine and have much cheaper prices for Off-Broadway and other performances.  An active theater goer like me appreciates all the savings we can get.

Lotteries are a relatively new method to democratize rush tickets.  I have been very lucky with lotteries (including 2 (TWO) HAMILTON wins) – and I assume I will win again this year.  I have had many additional wins (including CATS and WAR PAINT last Saturday alone!.  I recently won SWEENEY TODD tickets in the lottery.  I will be reviewing these and other lottery won shows in the coming days.  My favorites are Broadway Direct, TodayTix and Lucky Seats.  There are different rules for each lottery – check them out.

And the best insight for Broadway shows is a website  Check them out for lotteries, rush tickets, and standing room options.  This is a terrific NY website, even if you are coming for a visit.  When I used to come for several weekends a year when I lived out of town, I always held a slot for the TKTS booth which gave random good options.  Save money on your theater tickets and see a Broadway show soon!

dreamstime_xxl_72549146 BROADWAY sign

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: My review of CATS on Broadway

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