Broadway Season Preview

Living in New York City provides unlimited opportunities to see live theater.  While I see Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway shows, this post I’ll preview Broadway shows coming this season.  I tend to value shop and seldom pay full price to see shows.  I belong to several discount services.  For a full summary of the season, check the New York Times and a number of good websites.  Below is what I am looking forward to.

I saw THREE TALL WOMEN by Edward Albee in the original Off-Broadway run in 1994 and am thrilled it will be mounted on Broadway this season featuring Glenda Jackson, Laurie Metcalf and Alison Pill.  Also watch for Mr. Albee’s personal art collection to go on exhibit this week before its sale at Sotheby’s.

Another Eugene O’Neill classic THE ICEMAN COMETH joins O’Neill productions in recent years and this one features Denzel Washington.  Hoping there are a few discounted tickets for me.

The first Broadway revival of Tony Kushner’s two-part ANGELS IN AMERICA transfers from London with Nathan Lane playing Roy Cohn.  I saw the original and look forward to this version.

A highly praised THE BAND’S VISIT moves from the Atlantic Theater and sounds fascinating.   The wonderful musical CAROUSEL comes back to Broadway.  ONCE ON THIS ISLAND also returns to Broadway.

Other interesting plays I am looking forward to: THE PARISIAN WOMAN with Uma Thurman (that will be updated weekly as it takes place in modern day Washington DC); FARINELLI AND THE KING with Mark Rylance; LATIN HISTORY FOR MORONS by John Leguizamo; and METEOR SHOWER, a new play by Steve Martin with an all-star cast.

Other stuff: Bruce Springsteen does a Broadway gig I won’t be able to get tickets to.  Another play from Ayhad Akhtar named JUNK comes to Lincoln Center Theater which I am eager to see.  M. BUTTERFLY returns this fall directed by Julie Taymor and will be a must-see.  Oh, yeah and some other big names – some kid named HARRY POTTER, KING KONG, ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and an apparently cool musical called FROZEN.

Theres even more than I could fit above and more is being added all the time.  Come to the Big Apple and see at least one Broadway show this season!

dreamstime_xxl_72549146 BROADWAY sign

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