Update your resumé month

September is Update Your Resumé Month.  It is a good time to annually review and freshen up your resumé.  When I was an actor, a long time ago, I would freshen my resumé on a regular basis as I was always adding shows and prioritizing which shows I wanted seen by those holding an audition (there was only so much space on that 8″ x 10″ piece of paper and I was a busy actor).  In those pre-word-processing days I would actually retype (on a manual typewriter no less) a new version to suit a particular audition goal.  Yes children before computers, I had to walk a mile, uphill in both directions, to get a new resumé.

As I am currently job-hunting I will soon be meeting with a professional company to punch up my resumé and help focus my search.  Even if you are not job-hunting it may be a good time to review and renew your resumé this month.  Hey, you never know when it will come in handy.

A Chorus Line resume line up

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