100 Posts

About a year ago I started this blog, somewhat on a whim.  The software (WordPress) keeps track of all sorts of statistics and informs me that this is my one hundredth post.  When I started I had no specific goal and early entries were random and sporadic.  As I recently left my last job I decided to sharpen my efforts.  I thought if I committed to write an entry five days each week it would help my discipline at playwriting.  It was true that during the last two years of my job, the pressure and atmosphere at my office drained my writing energy.  I know, no excuse, plenty of writers worked through tougher obstacles than me, but I was having a hard time focusing.  The required short daily posts have helped my process and I have increased my output and effectiveness as a writer.  These posts are often planned and scheduled in advance and it has focused my creative and editing skills as I shape each one.  I kind of like this, even if I am not a tastemaker on the web or have a high volume readership.  Net result is a readily available collection of opinions and interests.  A public diary in a way.  I am not trying to become a web celebrity, just improve my writing.  It’s working so far.  Enjoy a slice of cake with me as I celebrate.

dreamstime_xxl_46390907 100 on top of cake

As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: Updating your resume

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