My Basil Pesto

As noted earlier I have a couple of AeroGarden indoor hydroponic growing devices.  They are perfect for a NYC apartment providing a few fresh ingredients for my cooking.  After trying a few options I have settled on cherry tomatoes (my plant has been producing for more than a year) and basil.  I have always found that basil bought in the store or farmers market starts to wilt right away.  Having it fresh is delightful.  I use the crop for Caprese salad and accents for my homemade tomato sauce.  But best of all – pesto.

I start with a mini-food processor for a small batch.  In the bowl I place about 1/3 cup pine nuts and two garlic cloves and process.  I then add more than one cup packed absolutely fresh basil leaves.  I don’t measure, I just cut off what I need to keep my basil plants from reaching the grow lights for another week and stuff them in the mini-processor bowl.

I add a bit of salt and pepper and process with 1/3 cup of olive oil.  As that is finishing I add 1/3 cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese.  I discovered adding grated cheese at the end kept it fresher from the heat of the processing blades.  Scrape down the sides, pulse a couple of times and eat the freshest, brightest pesto I have ever had.  I love my indoor garden.

dreamstime_xxl_23235858 basil pesto ingredients

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