My short play MEETING WITHOUT END is a Finalist in the Rover Dramawerks Third Annual 10-Minute Play Festival in Dallas-Fort Worth.  I enter lots of competitions for festivals, roughly 50 a year or so.

They are run by big organizations and small, sometimes offer a token payment for use of the play, but most often just a chance to have your play performed for the public.  I’ve been lucky enough to get away to see a number of these performances.  If not chosen for presentation, sometimes you’ll just get bragging rights as finalist or runner-up.  As noted earlier, I’m not at all making a living from writing, this is just a hobby.

Rover Dramawerks has been especially helpful in keeping in touch with it’s writers.  Many groups just take your play and you never hear from them again.  This group has been very communicative which is deeply appreciated.  They received 308 submissions (imagine reading all of those), reduced it to 37 semi-finalists and then to 19 finalists.  Eventually they will narrow it to between 5 and 9 winners to get a production.  Even if they don’t choose it as a winner, I’m grateful they have kept me informed along the way.  I’ll be sure to submit other works for future consideration to this company.


As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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