The 6th Annual Tri-State Theatre Festival

Last weekend I attended the South Street Players’ 6th Annual Tri-State Theatre Festival in Spring Lake, New Jersey.  My short play “Your Turn to Watch Dad” was one of nine plays presented.  The Director was Dave McGrath and featured Jon Weinstein, Mary Sullivan and Kristin Mueller.  They all worked hard to put on the play and I was very grateful for their efforts.  Interestingly, I have seen this play performed several times and each time it is a little different.  I am always intrigued to see how directors and actors approach the play.  I am not doctrinaire in how my plays are to be done, I enjoy the variation.

I won’t review the entire festival (produced with a lot of energy by Robert Scott Sullivan) but there were two high points I wanted to mention.  A play written by Carol Mullen,”3 BR/2 BA” was especially well written and well presented.  I very much want to see more of her work.  Also the closing piece, “Driving Ms. Crazy” was a standout.  Written, directed and performed by Annette Curran with the extraordinarily funny performance by Karen Anderson was a great way to finish the program.  The comic timing of these two was great and I laughed just as hard at both performances.  Great talent.

All in all it was a fun weekend.  I would be fortunate indeed to have this festival choose my work in future festivals.  Next blog post, a little about the town and where we stayed…


L to R – Jon Weinstein, yours truly, Kristin Mueller, Mary Sullivan, Dave McGrath

*as always you can find more at my website or on Twitter @walterthinnes*

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