Hamilton – Flawless Show?

Still can’t get Hamilton off the brain, out of the head.  Because this was the second time I saw the show, I tried to watch off focus to see what was going on in the periphery.  With the double turntable it is a complicated performance.  The music and lyrics are amazing.  And of course the weaving of the history lesson endears me to it.  Lin-Manuel rightly gets huge credit for conceiving and weaving the elements together.  But even he gives it up for…

Alex Lacamoire who is the music supervisor and did the orchestrations

Andy Blankenbuehler who did the powerful and intricate choreography

Thomas Kail who brought it all together as director

These gentlemen are the real people who make this a flawless musical.  That is not to say a perfect musical which is different.  But Hamilton as a whole accomplishes all it sets out to be and beautifully so.  There is a very good reason this is such a hot ticket.  I’ll be back to see it again!


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