Hamilton – Again

Today I won the Broadway Direct lottery for a ticket to Hamilton on Broadway.  I attended the Saturday matinee at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.  This is the second time I’ve seen the show.  I won a Today Tix Lottery on February 21, 2015, also a Saturday matinee.  For each ticket I paid only $10 as that is the deal for these lotteries.  Meanwhile people are paying thousands of dollars for tickets to this show.

In general I only see discounted shows.  I prefer to not pay full price and that means I miss a few.  Hamilton pioneered the lottery program that many now use and has become sort of an electronic rush option.  I have now won two Hamiltons and several other shows.  I look forward to more, because I tend to be a lucky guy.

If anyone is interested, I suggest trying to win by entering for a single ticket.  Each time I have won I was front and center with 5 couples on either side (there are 21 tickets in the lottery, more to be added next year).  Right now I intend to win the lottery and see the show each year and this one will run for many years.

Hamilton will take over this blog and dominate it for the next several posts.  Maybe many posts.  This is too big of a show to sum up quickly.  I m overwhelmed because, yes, it was a marvelous show – again.

More to come soon.


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