Farewell Ken Thompson

The second presidential debate was tonight.  The Broadway season is heating up.  There is lots going on.  But I cannot avoid talking about Ken Thompson.

I never met Ken Thompson.  He was the district attorney from Brooklyn, not even a borough I visit much.  He announced five days ago that he was taking a leave of absence to address his cancer.  He was 50 years of age.  He died today.

I and my family have been much touched by cancer.  My grandfather and both of my uncles died of cancer after battling through several versions.  My father died of COPD but had already battled several cancers, dying much too young.

I have survived prostate cancer and continue on.  I can expect to encounter several more, that’s just what Thinnes men do.  We seem to be good at that.  I don’t have a deep philosophical insight or some tidy bon mot.  I never met Mr. Thompson.  But I will miss him.  I’m crying tonight.  May your family find peace.  May we finally find a way to end this disease.


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