The Encounter

Who is to say what a Broadway show should be?  The Encounter certainly does not fit any of the molds.  I came with high expectations as I usually agree with reviews by Ben Brantley and he had given it raves in London and here.  The components were spectacular and yet…

Simon McBurney has done yeoman’s work writing, performing and assembling this piece. He performs with tremendous energy and strong conviction.  He tries to weave a multi-layered weave of time and story and yet…

Gareth Fry and Pete Malkin do amazing work in sound design.  When you watch the performance you put on headphones left at your chair that immerse you in a world of audio that surrounds you, enchants you and delights you and yet…

Michael Levine (sets) and Paul Anderson (lights) do an astonishing amounts with minimal presence.  They animate and set the tale well and yet…

For me a five decade ago encounter with an Amazon tribe with few outside world contacts, the documenting of it and Simon’s interweaving of his assembly of the work never really came together as a coherent whole.  Fascinating, yes.  Sometimes riveting, yes.  Interesting use of sound technology, absolutely.  But not a satisfying whole by the end of the day.


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