National Marching Music Day

Today we celebrating those parade happy musical groups who bring inspiration, uplift and excitement to our city streets. I have friends who have been in marching bands of universities and other organizations. They are rightly proud of their skills and accomplishments. I am happy to know them.

But what I secretly enjoy about this day is the image of the marching band in the final scene of “Animal House” that I recently enjoyed re-re-re-re-re-watching. You remember. During the havoc of the animal house fraternity disruption a character named Stork jumps in front of a marching band and bumps over the leader, grabbing his baton.

He leads them astray into an alley and the band mindlessly follows the man with the baton.

The entire marching band plows blindly into the wall at then end of the alley, bending brass instruments and never pausing.

So, yes that is the image I come away with on this National Day and always will. Happy National Marching Music Day and watch Animal House again. Another Harold Ramis movie that holds up very well even today.

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