Conference Championship Games on the road to the Super Bowl

Well the final playoff bracket happens tomorrow as the last four teams standing vie for an invitation to the Super Bowl. Of course my observations are all shaded by my orange and black Cincinnati Bengals lenses.

The NFC starts out tomorrow afternoon with the San Francisco 49er’s visiting the Philadelphia Eagles. For weeks leading up to and through the early matches I have been rooting against the 49er’s because the first two Super Bowls the Bengals lost were at the hands of San Francisco teams. Superstition. But as time dragged on and they kept winning, I have given up the choice of our opponent in the Super Bowl. After all, these teams are generations apart from the past. No players remain in the game that were on those teams. So now I don’t care. Meh. Whomever. Just bring on the big game.

The AFC comes on tomorrow evening with my Cincinnati Bengals visiting the Kansas City Chiefs. Bring it on. Burrow versus Mahomes. It will be an exciting and competitive game. Yes the Bengals have won the last three match ups but the playoffs bring a special intensity. And the Bengals are more accomplished than they have ever been. I don’t think there is any doubt which helmet will remain after the AFC Championship game:

Go Bengals! Go Bengals! Go Bengals! Go Bengals Go Bengals! Go Bengals! Go Bengals! Go Bengals!

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