National Dress Up Your Pet Day

I have no idea why people with dogs just love to dress them up. And not just for Halloween. For any and every occasion.

You would think they would get resentful or tired of the practice but for the most part, they seem to play along.

Do you ever see a dog try to force you to wear their costume? Come to think of it some breeds do try to wrap you in their fur. Fair’s fair.

There are plenty of common tropes in dog costumes and you see them everywhere.

But by and large they play along and seem to have fun with it.

However the vast majority of such pictures on the internet seem to be of dogs and not cats. There are a few feline photos but they are vastly outnumbered by canine costume capers.

I’ve had many cats in my life and knowing them well, I assume they killed and consumed their owners before they could snap the picture. Makes sense to me anyway.

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