National Marzipan Day

This is the second of three posts where I will take a particular National Day and spin an extended Throwback Thursday based on memories of that topic…

My father loved marzipan and when he let me sample one, I fell in love with it as well. Over the years it served as a perfect Christmas present for my father. But whenever I bought a tray of marzipan for my father I would always buy one for myself so I wouldn’t be tempted to sample one from his present.

The sweet almond paste can be served up in many ways. From a King cake, to pastries, to chocolate bob-bons to my favorite – those little fruit and vegetable shapes dusted lightly with food coloring. I have not seen my very favorite lately – these little puffs with a clove set in them adding a little extra flavor.

Regardless of how much I love them, not a good idea to send them to me. Need to keep my sugar in control now-a-days so I steer clear. Still, I celebrate the National Day every day and drool slightly as I see the photographs. Happy National Marzipan Day!

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