Happy International Sushi Day

I really like sushi so am happy to celebrate this day. But not all sushi. Those restaurants who insist on having the sushi chef choose your selection don’t suit me. For instance, I’m sorry but I don’t like eel. Yet that seems to be one of the sushi chef’s favorites. So I’m not a sushi gourmand, just a sushi enjoyer. When I lived in New York, there were many options, from super fancy to everyday affordable sushi. In Orlando (being a destination tourist city) there are a great many options, but that is an hour or two away.

So I was delighted when a new sushi restaurant recently opened not far from me. Sumi Sushi in Leesburg is nicely outfitted with a great ambience and the sushi and sashimi have always been fresh. There has always been a complimentary chef’s choice appetizer and very friendly serving staff. So I get to celebrate sushi whenever I get the hankering. Happy International Sushi Day.

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