Celebrating Cincinnati Cuisine #4 and a tie in to National Pizza Day! – La Rosa’s Pizza

In celebration of the Cincinnati Bengals returning to the Super Bowl after an absence of more than three decades, I will post a unique Queen City Flavor Experience each day until the big day. Many regions of this country developed food or drink preferences that have withstood the national big brands swamping America with their saturated marketing and bland sameness. I grew up in and around Cincinnati and all of these brands stuck with me as I traveled far and wide to live in other places. If you’ve never lived in or traveled through Cincinnati, these brands may surprise you and some people, on first taste, don’t fall in love with them. But to me, they are the flavors of my youth and I love them dearly. Let me explain…

Today is National Pizza Day so what better Cincinnati Treat to highlight than La Rosa’s Pizza. In 1954 Buddy LaRosa opened his first family pizzeria on Cincinnati’s West Side.  They now serve a wide range of Italian specialties, but their foundation is pizza. I’ve eaten a wide range of delicious pizza around the country, but my childhood’s La Rosa’s is one of my favorites. They are also favored by many Cincinnati fans because of their hometown roots. You can find out more about them at:


If you know Cincinnati at all, you know at least two of the next entries because they are also Queen City institutions. Some of what I sourced were sold locally, some were from the restaurant’s websites. But a terrific one stop shop is something called Cincy Favorites where I purchased several of the specialties featured in this series. They have a great selection of gift packs and special offers to get a true taste of Cincinnati, including several brands and foods not featured in this brief overview. And they have wonderful customer service which was very helpful. Stop by and see what they have to offer at:


Meanwhile a quick glance at the La Rosa’s inventory of pizza and pasta sauces about to be devoured in my household real soon…

As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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