Today is World UFO Day

Today is the anniversary of the famous/infamous Roswell Incident in 1947. If you are not aware of the Roswell Incident, good for you, and what rock have you been living under? You can find the story related everywhere online and started this small industry and tourism attraction. The US Air Force has been denying it ever since and still dodges the question. Recently they released another report, addressing “Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon” that was still rather oblique.

I think it likely that there are other civilizations out there in the huge universe but unlikely that they are the source of all these reports without making some contact as they seem to always want to do in the movies I have seen. I have no problem in you believing whatever you choose to believe but think we have much greater issues we need to address right here on our home planet. So celebrate today and start your new film script with another look at making contact or initiating combat. I’ll start the popcorn.

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