Tipping Back to Normal?

During the pandemic lockdown Times Square and the theater district here in New York were a ghost town. Unimaginable before we experienced it. But there are several signs things are getting back to normal. More than half of the Broadway Theaters have announced performance dates starting on September 14 and stretching through the end of the year. Soon more will follow.

The CDC new mask free mandates for those of use vaccinated was a welcome sign and hopeful milestone. Steadily businesses here in New York will relax their requirements and the cost of entry is simply a vaccination! I expect Broadway Theaters to require vaccinations for entry in the fall but we shall see.

Finally, on Monday, the New York subway system returns to 24 hour service as is fitting for a city that never sleeps. Though we dozed off for a bit, the city is reawakening and I could not be more thrilled.

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