Sedition Edition

I tend to use this blog for lightweight topics such as food, theatre and silly National Day commemorations. But sometimes, well sometimes, I need to address more serious topics.

From the Oxford English Dictionary:

sedition /sɪˈdɪʃ(ə)n /
▸ noun [mass noun] conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a government.
– ORIGIN late Middle English (in the sense ‘violent strife’): from Old French, or from Latin seditio(n-), from sed- ‘apart’ + itio(n-) ‘going’ (from the verb ire).

The disgraceful exhibition at the United States Capitol proved several things. There are a sizable number of people in this country who have become convinced that any political outcome that deviates from their own beliefs is illegitimate. They use incendiary language about having their privileges violated and believe in democracy only when events align with their interests. They are Fascists dressed up as Patriots. There are too many politicians who crave the love of these people and will twist their own beliefs and words to woo them.

When institutions and ‘leaders’ (including our out-going president) rally these idiots they have to constantly ramp up the rhetoric to keep their attention and their loyalty. In the process, they inflame a hatred that poisons our system of government. On Wednesday the predictable result was an assault on one of the country’s sacred sites, a desecration of our democracy.

After a stem winding speech by our very soon to be ex-president, an armed and angry mob marched on the building to stop the counting of legitimate and certified votes for the next president. While one Capitol Security Officer was killed and many injured, the police seemed surprisingly tolerant of the invasion. This is in stark contrast to the peaceful demonstrations last year for social justice. In both cases the police were outnumbered by demonstrators. But in cities across the country, officers waded aggressively into the crowd, used billy clubs and pepper spray and rubber bullets and tear gas against demonstrators. On Wednesday, they retreated, opened doors for these treasonous vandals and after hours of mayhem and destruction, gently escorted them out of the building. Because there is an institutional racism in this country that white people are just airing their disagreement and people of color are a danger and a threat before they even open their mouths. These self proclaimed ‘patriots’ killed a cop, for God’s sake. Where is the outrage for that?

One more note. I am generally a moderate in politics with great respect for this nation, the constitution and the standards of our democracy. After the removal of statues of traitors to the United States in some areas, the president created a strong penalty for demonstrators who damaged statues of traitors of ten years in prison. That should be the least result for everyone who incited, supported and carried out the attack on Wednesday. Presidents first. Impeach, indict, imprison.

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