It is difficult to be a writer in today’s world

I’m working on several projects at the moment. But I have a nagging fear how they will be received. Let’s imagine I am writing about a sitting president who sends his personal attorney to give a press conference disputing election results in Pennsylvania. And for the sake of argument, perhaps this sitting president sends a Tweet saying that it will be held in the Philadelphia Four Seasons. If then the Four Seasons Hotel tweeted that it was not there but at Four Seasons Total Landscaping which has “no relation with the hotel.”

And then, stay with me, the personal lawyer and one on your sons did indeed show up at Four Seasons Total Landscaping (which is nestled between an adult bookstore and a crematory) and hold that press conference.

Had I written that in one of my scripts any dramaturg worth their salt would run a big red line through that page. And any random audience member in any random talkback session would say “okay, funny, but unbelievable and you need to turn down the sarcasm.”

Yep, truth is now truly stranger than fiction. It is very hard to write fiction today.

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