International Cat Day on a Throwback Thursday!

I do not currently have a pet but I have been owned by several cats. Tops among them was my favorite little guy – Macaroon. I have very fond memories of little Mac. An acquaintance had a cat who recently had a large litter and wanted to give most of them away. I was seated on the floor across the room from the box with mama and the kittens to avoid disturbing them. The plan was to bring a kitten over one at a time to see if I was interested. Didn’t happen that way, one little gray and white fellow immediately jumped out of the box and trotted across the room to nestle in my lap. I had been claimed.

Once home he never wanted to leave me alone and loved to climb atop me.
He was a fierce hunter and play hard, but then collapsed and slept soundly.
Whenever possible he wanted to nap on top of me, which legally required that I also nap.
When I wanted to play he wanted to be right there with me, even when I was playing on my pinball machine – which was a bit of a challenge.
Luckily he shared my interests and was almost as big of a Reds fan as I am.

So today on Throwback Thursday and International Cat Day I nominate Macaroon as the greatest kitty cat of all times. The motion is made, all in favor – the ayes have it – all hail MACAROON!

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