No Schadenfreude Zone

The news that President and First Lady Trump were infected with the Coronavirus has set the world on its ear. While I am not a fan of Trump’s policies or comportment or pronouncements or – just about anything – neither do I feel Schadenfreude.

Schadenfreude is one of those wonderfully compound German words that perfectly and surprisingly succinctly sums up a human condition. I feel no joy that he has been infected by a virus that he has downplayed and failed to protect Americans from. I wish Donald and Melania Trump good health and a full recovery.

He will certainly receive first class medical care because of his address (welcome to America) and he will likely not lose his job solely because of the impact of the virus. There is, however, a chance he could lose his current employment for other reasons. Fortunately for him he will receive reasonable notice to prepare a transition to a new job future, unlike millions of Americans who were suddenly laid off with no notice and no hope or help for the future. I’m figuring that 78 days notice will be sufficient.

So, no, I do not have Schadenfreude from this unfortunate event. But as a writer, I do recognize irony when I see it. It is horrible that more than 200,000 citizens did not heal from this scourge. I pray our nation heals and that we can move forward progressively. Recognize the dangers, wear a mask, slow the spread and care for one another.

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