A Ramble on protests, expectations and reactions

I have found it difficult to blithely post National Food Day entries lately with all that is going on. There will be more, but the gravity of issues before us will keep me distracted from time to time.

It is wonderful that protests continue and that the pressure for reform is finally being felt across the line. One recent focus has been taking down statues and memorials celebrating a racist past. It is about time. Many of these represent traitors who fought against the United States and worked to retain human bondage for their profit. I can’t believe it has taken this long but there finally seems to be momentum to finish the job.

The counter claims that we are trying to erase history is nonsense. There is plenty of history that is not represented in bronze and marble and this history will be there after the statues are gone. What will be erased is the elevation and reverence for those that were immortalized unjustly. What cannot be erased is their legacy that carries on even until today. That legacy is what we must correct.

It was also announced recently that the corporate holders of the Aunt Jemima brand will finally be eliminated. That brand was introduced in 1880 and was based on a racist song of the day. Such constant social presence is one of many influences which demeans American citizens. It is not harmless or silly. It is time for this and other such images to be removed.

My concern is that elimination of insults in the town square and the grocery store and the sports teams will be regarded as victory and interest will ebb. Mission Accomplished. Wrong. We must hold out for meaningful policies and reforming institutions that are the real issues. Keep marching. Keep up the pressure. Vote. Please Vote.

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