Upstate Manhattan is in bloom

All New Yorkers are directed to stay at home except for necessary trips for groceries and medicine. We are permitted to step outside for short trips to get air as long as we wear a mask and safely social distance. But that can be difficult in the most dense population center in the country. I am blessed to live next door to Fort Tryon Park which is not only beautiful but the cleanest park in New York (as I posted back in August of 2018!).

It is actually pretty easy to stay safe in such a big and beautiful place with relatively limited populations surrounding it.

To help with that certain paths have been temporarily designated one way only which works for most but not all. Luckily spring is coming into full bloom in the Heather Garden this weekend.

I know people are worried that we are in the epicenter, but it comforts me to have this so handy. It is spring. There is hope.

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