National Tater Day

Today’s national day salutes the delicious, flexible potato. So many delicious options – crispy on the outside, pillowy on the inside french fries; rich creamy mashed potatoes; loaded baked potatoes and of course irresistible Tater Tots; and so many more ways to make them.

But my favorite by far is something I learned in a cooking class many years ago – Pommes Persillade. A French method that means simply potatoes with garlic and parsley, a perfect blend and delicious flavor. Sorry, I don’t have a recipe with specific quantities, I just recall the method. It’s rather easy to play with.

Cube potatoes (any will do, I find Yukon Gold to be perfect but have used what I have on hand) into 1/2″ or smaller, even cubes. [To do that safely, cut a slice off one side to provide a stable base before slicing into sticks and then cubes.] I don’t bother peeling them, but wash well. Place them in a pot with cold water to cover by about one inch. Place over high heat and bring to a rolling boil. As soon as they reach the boil remove from heat and use a spider to fish out and place on paper towels to thoroughly dry. You can do this in advance by even a couple of days if you keep in the refrigerator.

Mince some garlic cloves and parsley leaves. How much? You’ll figure it out to taste (you will coat the cooked potatoes). Heat a skillet over medium high heat and put a film of oil or butter (or BOTH!) until heated. Put the desired amount of potatoes into the oil and season with salt and pepper. Toss to crisp all sides. When golden brown remove from heat, and toss with the garlic/parsley. Serve immediately.

You can find various recipes online but I tend to do it by touch memory. It is the very best way to serve potatoes. What is your favorite?

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