A ramble about RNs & PPE

When I was going through my health issues last year I observed that there was a lot of churn in using and dumping plastics and personal protective equipment. Though I am a dedicated recycler, I recognized it to be a necessary precaution to protect everyone involved.

Now it is more vital than ever to reduce the spread of COVID-19. There are growing stories of short supplies here in New York and it threatens the very people we need to take of the people in need. Because of my recent health issues I have some surgical gloves at my disposal. Pamela and I are careful to use them when we are out in public to grocery shop or go out for medical needs.

We’re hanging in there and are very lucky to have the support of family in this most trying of times. The people on the front line, yes even people just stocking grocery shelves for a living deserve our thanks and appreciation. I often pray that they and their family are well and protected. We need them and will appreciate them all the more in the future. You should too.

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