Review – The Sound Inside

Playwright Adam Rapp has made an auspicious Broadway debut but in a house that is too large for the work. The delicate yet driving work centers on writer and writing teacher Bella Baird, brilliantly acted by Mary Louise-Parker. The quiet touches Rapp provides for Parker provide a moving and touching portrait of a character that will forever be etched in my mind.

Her encounters with one of her students Christopher Dunn (portrayed by Will Hochman) is never contrived or artificial and the all too real interaction is brilliant. While director David Cromer does great work in league with an excellent design team, the play is still a bit lost on the Studio 54 stage. I yearned for a closer and more intimate connection with the work.

I’m not going to provide spoilers about the plot because this is certainly something you want to experience yourself. I recommend that you get the chance to see it before the scheduled closing on January 12. The entire production should be well recognized come award season.

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