Footnotes #19 – The Next Stage

Another visit to the surgeon and more progress. I can begin weaning myself off the compression boot and moving to a cane instead of crutches. Not all at once but steadily as I can tolerate it and immediately at home, which is a relief. He is thrilled with the progress and I start physical therapy on Monday to regain movement on the rather locked but finally stable ankle.

Best of all, this steady improvement takes me out of the isolation of dedicated healing and more into the swing of things. I was on the subway for the first time in six months and it went well. Tonight I’ll return to a theater to see a production and will review it on Tuesday. Later this week I’ll be seeing a Broadway show through my cheap ticket service. I can’t wait. The next stage is truly getting back to seeing what’s on stage. I can’t wait.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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