Footnotes #18 – Wonderment

The latter half of 2019 has been pretty rotten with the health issues I have faced but I am coming out much stronger now. I am getting around easier and feeling stronger than I have in a very long time. Next week is another visit with the surgeon and hopefully more progress.

Now that I am less focused on my own issues I find myself reflecting on others I have met along the way. At the hospital and rehab center were patients with far greater problems than me. I count myself blessed, lucky and grateful that I am making such a recovery. I have also been reading a blog ( which is basically posting short sections of a medical text each day. The wide variety of things that can go wrong with the human body astounds me, we have seemingly endless frailties. I’ve seen a number of them personally and now read more each day.

Yet life is also persistent, we conquer as many frailties as we can and move forward. I am amazed at how the sepsis took away my strength and grateful for the sure and steady return. How do we survive all these maladies? Hopefully with the grace of God who gave us form and imbued us with a spirit to move forward. Here’s to moving ahead in the new year!

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