Footnotes #16 – Deliberateness

As I continue to heal I have given a lot of thought to the challenges of getting around with a broken ankle. I can describe it with one word – Deliberateness. Things I used to breeze through, I now need to stop and think about. It has become an everyday habit. I’ve even become pretty good at it.

I break down each action, especially when moving around, to its component parts. My brain works through what actions I need to achieve to complete the task. I now do it without giving it much conscious thought. It has helped tremendously and made me very aware of the challenges posed whether in a wheel chair, with a walker or on crutches. I know I will be very aware of the challenges the world presents to the disabled, even when this very temporary disability is over for me. I find out soon if I can move to the next level. Fingers crossed.

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