National Vinyl Record Day

In my youth I had a terrific vinyl record collection. I saved some notable items but most of my music is now digital, more than 50,000 songs from over the years. I was afraid for a while that the young’uns would only know vinyl records from the scritchity-scratching of that hippity-hop. Yes, I know I’m dating myself. But now the hipsters have revived vinyl records because of its warm real sound. We old hippies are grateful. Now I’m wondering when 8-track tapes will make a comeback.

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#ATOBTTR update – oh my Cincinnati Reds, you have certainly been entertaining to watch but you are not winning enough to reach your playoff goal. It sure would have been nice to do better than a series split with the Cubs, but you are still in the game. Time running out. Win now. Go Reds!

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