Summer Broadway Spotlight – Clearing the Boards

It is common that Broadway shows that were not winners at the Tony Awards shut down or close early. That certainly happened again this year but this summer feels a tad different.

Yes, open end run musicals such as “Be More Chill,” “The Prom,” “The Cher Show,” “King Kong,” and “Pretty Woman” all could not find their audience and called it quits. But also so far longer running musicals like “Waitress” and “Beautiful” have announced closings. It feels like there are more stages opening up for this season than the last few seasons. I already count twenty shows opening over the coming months, some of them quite intriguing.

If you are planning a Broadway trip to New York in the reminder of 2019 and first half of 2020 – you will be rewarded with a rich mix. I’ll be highlighting some of them in the coming months (but try to get tickets to “Moulin Rouge – the Musical,” “Girl from the North Country,” and “Freestyle Love Supreme”) just for starters. Going to be a fascinating season. Visit the Big Apple over the next year.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

#ATOBTTR update – I still believe in my Cincinnati Reds, but you missed putting needed pressure on the Cubs. Time to beat the Cardinals, but more specifically, time to reply step it up. In just a couple of weeks we bump against the no-waiver tree deadline. Show some promise to avoid the dismantlement of this excellent team. Do it. Now. Go Reds!

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