His own private screen at dinner

Quick note. I recently went to a restaurant where I noted there was a perfectly behaved and quiet child at a nearby table. Then I spied why. He had his own private cartoon show screen on a smart phone for his entire dinner. He was enthralled and paid only half attention to his Cheerios.

I wondered why I never had my own private cartoon show when I was a kid and realized it would have meant my parents hauling in a big television, extension cord and rabbit ears. Instead we spoke to each other quietly and kept behaved to avoid The Look. You always want to avoid The Look.

Then, of course, I realized I was reading my own phone at the table which allowed me to take this quick picture, so yeah, I had my own private screen like him. I’ll be quiet now. Can you pass the Cheerios?

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#ATOBTTR update – My dear Cincinnati Reds. What have I been telling you? You dropped your series with the Phillies. I know they are a hot team at the top of their division, but you really need to pick up your game. Early wobbles not withstanding you need to get a move on that overdue winning streak we’ve been looking forward to. Tell you what, take today off, heck take Thursday off too. Let’s knock off Cleveland for the next couple of days, take a breather on Thursday and then off to Texas. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including your coming winning streak. Go Reds!

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