#ATOBTTR Special Edition

You may have noted on my blog this year that after select postings (after each complete series) I’ve included a segment celebrating the call of announcer Marty Brenneman whenever the Cincinnati Reds win a ballgame – And This One Belongs To The Reds! Hasn’t happened nearly enough this season. I provide a pep talk to my favorite team because I am certain they are following this blog and look forward to my advice.

So gather ’round my Redlegs because this is as much a warning as a pep talk. You guys do realize that we’re almost to June and you’re still under .500, don’t you. You must understand that as the summer trading deadline approaches management will consider selling off pieces of the team to contenders if there is little chance you can make the playoff.

I just KNOW that the 150th anniversary of Cincinnati Professional Baseball, this terrific team you’ve assembled, and Marty’s final season in the broadcast booth all presage a trip to the World Series for you. Don’t let me down. Again. Please.

A shame you just split the series with the Pirates. You need to start consistently taking these series with each and every team. Hey, Yasiel, stop licking your bat and pay attention. You need to focus and help pull along everybody in this locker room. I know you can do it.

So, let’s take this next series as an example for all of professional baseball which was, after all, founded in the great city of Cincinnati. Say it with me – And This One Belongs To The Reds! Go Reds! Let’s go get some Skyline! My Treat and then Joey will take us all to get some Graeters! Go Reds!

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