National Jeep 4×4 Day

Many of the National Days I feature here are set because of seasonal or traditional time frames (imagine strawberry shortcake day in summer and eggnog day near Christmas). Others are set because of arbitrary number and word play (remember pi day on 3.14 and Star Wars on May the Fourth be with you). Today is the latter (April 4 or 4×4, get it?)

I have owned a couple of Jeeps (both with 4×4) in my life – the Excellent Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and the extraordinarily fun Jeep Wrangler soft top – or for me usually no top.

But this spring the Jeep company is releasing a new Jeep Gladiator that brings back their medium truck platform based on the Wrangler style. Mmmm. Daddy likee. Yummy, yummy.

If you wish to give to me the below as a gift, no fancy bow necessary. Of course it is far too big for New York City. Looks like I need to beat it out of town. I can do that for this Jeep!

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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