Broadway Preview April 2019 – Part 2

As promised I am here to preview Broadway opening nights in April as they vie to be eligible for this year’s Tony Awards. If you are in or can travel to New York a good time is April as at least some of these shows will close after nominations are made. Yesterday I listed five new shows opening in the first two weeks of April. Today, here are five more opening during the last five days of eligibility.

Back in the 90’s I saw a popular off-Broadway show “The Compleat Works of Wllm Shakespr (Abridged)” in which every script by the Bard is summarized and spoofed. The Roman civil war script “Titus Andronicus” was handled in ten seconds by drop kicking a soccer ball dressed up as severed head into a bucket. It was all that needed to be said because it is known as a particularly violent play and little else. GARY – A SEQUEL TO TITUS ANDRONICUS, written by Taylor Mac, directed by George C. Wolfe and featuring Nathan Lane will either be a hoot hit or be dropped in a bucket. (opens April 21)

The Roundabout has recently specialized in remounting the Arthur Miller canon. ALL MY SONS is an excellent but lesser seen script dealing with greed, denial and repentance. Featuring Annette Bening and Tracy Letts it is likely to be yet another well received revival. (opens April 22)

A new musical based on the very popular movie, TOOTSIE, features music and lyrics by David Yazbek (fresh off his recent Tony winning “The Band’s Visit”). Advance word is that it has softened some of the anger of the Dustin Hoffman character and features Santino Fontana in that role. This one looks very interesting. (opens April 23)

We’re all familiar with the grumpy gravely Rupert Murdoch but INK is a British import tracing a young Rupert (1968) upending the newspaper business (opens April 24)

The popular Tim Burton film BEETLEJUICE gets a musical staging with words and music by Eddie Perfect. What could go wrong? Just don’t utter the title three times! (opens April 25)

Should be an interesting Tony contest with nominations listed April 30 and the ceremony on June 9. If you travel here in May the productions are busy accommodating Tony voters so many shows will have no openings, but less popular productions have been known to comp tickets to bring the energy up for this Tony voters. See a live show near you today! I know I will (well, not near you, per se, but near me) – oh you know what I mean!

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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