National Oreo Cookie Day

I write today about Oreo’s who have their own national day, today. Not really about the cookie but about where they were founded, right here in New York City. Yep, I’m talking about Chelsea Market. Back in 1912 in a Nabisco bakery Oreos were first baked here.

Eventually a number of buildings took up an entire city block and were combined into a huge complex. If you walk the wonderful High Line Park you will trace the railroad track that brought in car loads of flour and ingredients into the plant and then carried out cars of Oreos and others to feed a grateful nation.

After Nabisco moved their bakeries out of Manhattan the collection of buildings eventually found another use – a trendy food and retail enterprise that is a must visit if you come to New York

Here you can active real butchers like Dickson’s Farmstead Meats picture here as well as fruit and vegetable markets, bakeries, suppliers of oils and vinegars, suppliers of real Italian brands and products and did I mention great bakeries (keeping with the original intent!)?

You can find spice vendors as well as non-food retail outlets. Luckily the city has enforced keeping it as a primarily food based location to prevent it from becoming a simple mall. If you are visiting New York or a New Yorker, you must make time for Chelsea Market. Happy National Oreo Cookie Day!

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